Friday, March 11, 2011

Is "snuck" a word? I wonder.

Today, both my girls were going home with friends after school so I "snuck" up the road for my bi-monthly trip to Trader Joes. This makes me so happy.... for many reasons. First, because I was by myself. Second, because I was by myself. And third, because I was by myself. Sometimes that just needs to happen.

When I walked into the store I discovered this cute little succulent plant.... in a lime green pot. Succulents are trendy and popular these days and, because I am so trendy and popular myself (hearty laugh), I promptly put one in my buggy. I have no idea, really, what a succulent plant is or how to take care of one. Good thing I am married to a horticulturist.

Trader Joes was sampling a corn beef and cabbage dish. We had that for dinner.... so yummy. And currently, both of my children are singing at the top of their lungs. I can handle it, because today, I had some time to myself.


  1. It was the cute lime green pot that did it!

    Succulants remind me of my grandmother, my dad's mom who lived in Massachusetts. As mean as she could be, and she really could be mean, I remember her plants and flowers most--her donkey's tail and hens and chicks in particular, both succulants. I still have them...oh they have come close to death, been repotted, and reborn, but they connect me to her. Maybe one day this little succulant will connect someone to you! You might kill it, but then again maybe you won't!

    Glad you got some alone time today anyway!

  2. Oh my! They have names?!! What is the name of mine?

  3. It actually looks like my hens and chicks, at least it seems to grow the same way. They come in different sizes and some color variations. I think I need to see it in person.

  4. awww....cute. i have a hen and chick.