Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Gift of a Perfect Day

 We've been going to the Carolina Mountains to chop down our tree since Rebecca's first Christmas 13 years ago. 

 When the girls were tiny tots (like these!), I would wake them and dress them all "matchy-matchy" and head to the mountains with huge expectations for the day...that often were squashed by the realities of that season of life.

Unfortunately, sometimes that meant that my "sweet" hubby and I were not speaking by the time we put the tree in the stand that night.

Marriage, and children, and holidays, and EXPECTATIONS...they'll get ya every time.

 For the past several years we have been going to the Christmas Parade in Highlands with friends before we all head over to Cashiers to chop down our trees.

And, once again, this morning, I woke with hopes and dreams for this day.   

  I decided to just give all those EXPECTATIONS to Him and let the day play out how He chose.

Santa came.

And the boys all cooperated for a picture. (Score!)

 And I soaked up the "gift" of it all.

We have so many pictures in this sleigh.


 Sometimes His plans for our days are just better than ours.

 This day was perfect in every way...

...right down to the tree strapped to the top of the car.

 (But we haven't put it in the stand yet.)

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