Monday, December 31, 2012

A Whirlwind of Christmas

 We started the three day whirlwind with new hoodies for the family!

And enjoyed our annual Christmas Eve-Eve dinner...Take-Out Thai Spice!

It was sheer delight when I opened up my gifts from the girls... A Moda Hand Towel Calendar and a new quilting magazine!

 It was SO MUCH FUN to surprise my sweetheart with a new pullover!

 And the girls found great delight in their new Christmas Eve-Eve jammies!

 There was the usual treats for Santa, and then it was off to bed... Santa could fill the stockings!

 Christmas Eve morning...

... and the gift she's always dreamed of (literally!)

 There were scarves...

 and stockings!

 And the annual Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

And there was the pickle...

 ...the annual "search."  This year the victory went to the oldest.

 And then we loaded up the car in a flash and we were off to Atlanta!

 We ALWAYS look forward to Uncle Duke's Christmas Eve Feast!

 Aunt Viki always makes everything so festive and fun!

By three o'clock we were in the car again headed for Birmingham and Christmas Eve service where we hold up the lights and sing praises to the Newborn King!

 And then we snuggle in with more family.

 They love their Uncle Andy...

... and she adores her Cousin Caroline!

And sometimes everyone smiles.

 There are always delightful treats...

 ...from Nana!  (She knows just what they love.)

(Ummm...notice the diaper attached to her shirt. Ha.)
 And Aunt Lydia spends alot of time running after her little toddling crew!

 Maybe she can enjoy some "down time" curled up under the new quilt I made her!

 Gave my "MIL" a mug to match mine!

 And then it was stocking time...everybody's favorite!

 Even Aunt Betsy got a stocking this year!  It was such a treat to have her with us.

And there was Lego playin'...

 And Foosball playin'...

 And reading...

 And game time too!

 And Baby Rosie loved her little vanity... how cute is that!

It was a whirlwind indeed...but it was a whirlwind of happy!

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