Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Caroline and Zoe made a pact... they were getting their ears pierced together.  

Problem was... Zoe's mom said she had to be 13 and Caroline's mom said 12.  Caroline stuck with her friend and decided to wait a whole year... til her friend turned 13.  

We surprised them today and let them both get them done...Zoe at 12 and Caroline at almost 12.  They were thrilled!

Annaleigh, their buddy and a veteran at piercing (she was eight), and all the sisters and moms were there for the happy experience.

Would you believe that "Claire" from Claire's did the piercing?  How appropriate!

 They both chose the tiny "diamond" studs.  (Look at that cute little earlobe.)

 Zoe's turn!

Mission accomplished... with no tears!

 Then it was off to Starbucks to celebrate!

 Lattes and Frappacinos all around.

  A spontaneous, happy, fun, and memorable December day.

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  1. Happy day:-) so thankful for the friendship we all have and the sweet memories are children are making! Love u so