Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Thanks

 For the gift of Thanksgiving at Nana's house... always a joyous time with family.

 For all the things that make the holiday special... like all Nana's "vintage" housewares!

 For the turkey and the dressing and the piles of food and fellowship.  For how the leftovers multiply as we need them and how there is always enough despite Nana's "worry" over it.

For her very FIRST Thanksgiving and the delight that she brings to all our lives.

For how he leans in and chatters with his Uncle Andy and the darling things he has to say and the joy he brings...oh the joy!

For our annual Black Friday adventure to the Bass Pro Shops with the whole clan!

For all the fun that it brings.... like Santa, and bows and arrows, and shotguns, and lions and tigers and bears...oh my.

 For the sweet heart that God gave Rosie (literally).  Can you spot it?

For how he squinted his eyes as he let his arrow go....melt my heart, that kid.

For all the fun that I had with my sweetheart.  For how he enjoys life and verbally recognizes God's blessings.

For the unique way that God created Sawyer's brain to hold onto such detailed info and the joy of "talking history" with him.

 For how my Caroline served, served, served all weekend and found great delight in it.

For my sweet sis Lydia...
at the parenting stage that is so constant and how she does it so well.

 And for my sweet sis Laura... how she listens and loves so deeply.

For the joy of having Aunt Betsy with us for the holiday and talking of Uncle John...and all of us missing him.

 For the richness of a family that knows Him.

For the oldest chicks...aren't they such cuties.

 For a Thanksgiving weekend filled with unending fun.

Thank you, Nana, for "hosting" our memories.


  1. Looks like someone was trying to steal Nana's purse while she was loving on Rosie. lol Great blog post.

  2. So precious to have these memories and to cherish them! Love