Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stamping Names and Candy Canes

Not for one minute do I take for granted the people God uses to invest in my girls' lives.  There are so many.  Last night was their Junior High Christmas Party.  They came home filled with stories of all the delight of the evening with their friends. Their dad and I sat on the sofa together taking it all in.... their chatter by the light of the twinkling Christmas Tree. (And, yes, it was a little Norman Rockwell-ish moment that I will celebrate with cheesy words.)

Today, the girls and I are doing some Christmas wrapping and listening to some Christmas tunes.  It is a happy afternoon.  Rebecca sat down with a treat they received last night at the party.  A little bag hand-stamped with each kid's name.  It was full of little pieces of candy that remind them of the incredible gift of Jesus.  She took a minute to read what each tiny candy represents.  

A candy cane, shaped like the shepherd's staff, to remind us that Jesus came to be Our Good Shepherd.  (John 10:11)

A gold-wrapped Rolo, shaped like a crown, to remind us that Jesus is the King of Kings (Revelation 17:14)

Smarties to remind us that Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6)

A Starlight mint to remind us that Jesus is the Light of the World (John 8:12)

A Milky Way to remind us that  Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6)

A Life Saver to remind you that Jesus came to be your Savior (Luke 2:11)

Thank you, sweet Hayley, for the time you took stamping all those names and investing in the lives of my girls!  Your tender efforts did not go unnoticed by this momma!  And thank you to all you crazy people who love all over these middle schoolers and delight in every minute of it.  You are a blessing... a blessing indeed!

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  1. They will treasure these moments and always have a special place in their hearts for those who serve. Thank you Haley, Daddy, Hall family, Rosanna, Layne and Skippers and anyone else I are a blessing to my girls! (and thanks Alisa for writing this blog:-)