Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cousins Camp Gratitude

For finally meeting my newest niece, Rosie, and for how God has graced her little leg with a cheery mark of His love!

For three of the cutest nephews in town who have alot to say and I just delight in every word when I am with them.

For the one who looks most like his Uncle

For the foosball table that Nana found for the playroom (and the story behind it!) and how she delights to provide entertainment for all her grandkids.

For how they all like to  pile on their Uncle Andy.

For the fun little Olympic Swimming Cake that Aunt Laura made for the celebration and how we all piled in their house for hamburgers and the opening ceremonies.

For lots of time to snuggle with my niece!

For how Uncle Andy (optimistically)  took all three boys fishing and how David fell in the pond and got the hook stuck in his finger and how thankful we all were that Rebecca was there for the rescue and consolation.

For lots of time to play on the floor and sit and visit and just "be".... the JOY of family.

For how Rebecca and I snuck over to "The Sewing Room" and gathered a new collection of fabric for our stash.

For how we laughed and how she said, "Mom.... it's better than a candy store!"

For how she gazes at all three of them...

...and how they love her."  (She is so blessed to have three big, wonderful brothers!)

For lunch at the mall and the Lego store and how Rosie fell asleep on Uncle Andy's shoulder.

For the yummy meals Nana prepared... and breakfast conversation and waking to the smell of the coffee brewing. 

 For Aunt Laura's suggestion to tye-dye in red, white, and blue!

For the big girls and how they  joyfully tye-dyed all the shirts...

 ...and the fun of celebrating all the "happy" they brought!

For our trip to Steel City Pops... 

...and Saturday shopping with the three oldest girls.

For the annual "airplane" rides...

...and the annual picture!

For a new age of entertainment. 

For candles and coconut cake...

...and early birthday treats!  (A target for Hoke!)

For legos, and legos, and more legos!

For swimming, and gymnastics, and all the cheering.

For a new tacklebox!

For how Sawyer created a little lego church with he and Rebecca in the pew....singing.

For this beautiful lady....

....who loves us and serves us and delights to be surrounded by us all.  

So thankful for this sweet tradition in our lives!

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