Sunday, August 5, 2012

Joy-Making Quilts

A few weeks ago, my daughter's dear friend asked me if I would teach her to quilt.  
(Twist my arm.)  
Her mom and I looked at the calendar and figured out a few days for lessons.

On day one, we made a little mug rug.  Rebecca and Mabry chose fabrics from the scrap basket and we went through all the steps for a miniature version of a quilt.  
I gave them two rules... (1) Measure precisely and (2) Iron well.

On day two, I took them to my favorite fabric store in Greenville 
and they each got a little stash of fabric.  

We came home and made pinwheels.  They worked until midnight.  

It is so much fun sewing with them at this age.  They load their own bobbins and pull out their mistakes and fix their machines when they give them a little "fit"... ahhhh.   And more than a handful of times did I hear this, 
"Mrs. Alisa, this is so much fun!"  (Be still my heart.)

On day three, we made a real quilt!  
They chose a collection of fabric and a pattern they liked and I cut all their pieces while they put their squares together and tried not to "fight" over the iron.  

And these two munchkins were around most of the time.  Maybe I will teach them to quilt one day....or better yet, maybe Rebecca and Mabry will!

Then they laid out their quilt squares to make their quilt top.

On day four, they put them all together!  

Teaching my first "quilt class" was SO MUCH FUN!  Now my pupils are ready to soar!  

Recently Mabry bought a vintage pink and yellow sheet at a flea market.  
(Confession:  I have been coveting it!)  
Imagine my delight when she cut a yard of it and tied it up for me with this sweet note.   

It IS such a "Joy-Making" quilts!
Looking forward to our next project!


  1. Wow! Their quilts looked great! I am next!!! (been waiting a year):-)

    1. Ok! For your birthday! But only if you say things like, "Mrs. Alisa, this is so much fun!"

    2. I promise I will:-) and I give you some old sheets, too! B-)