Thursday, August 30, 2012

Like the lyrics to my favorite song... (Daily Gratitude)

Starting my days at 5am walking with a faithful friend...who reminds me to 
"pray it in".

How sometimes others just INSIST on the blessing.  (Thanks Martha for a week of "happy" straight from your garden to my coffee table.)

Leaving the sewing at the kitchen table all week and eating in the dining room.

Middle school sibling they share and laugh and really like each other.

"Hey Mom.  You want me to brew us a cup of tea before bed?"  Love.

He took the girls for an afternoon outing at the mall and came home with this little treasure.  (He loves me.)

A family cold....hacking and coughing and blowing all together.  
(At least we truly have sympathy for one another.)

Evening conversation with my sweetheart... how he really likes to share the details of the day.  The privilege of listening to him.

Driving down the road, Rebecca reading a cute story aloud with expression and joy, how we laughed at the details, and how she appreciates the message.

Celebrating the birthday of one of my favorite friends. (I'm so glad she was born!)

Some new tunes (all thanks to my hubby)...
that promote voices raised and some car dancing with the girls. 
(You really should push "play".)

So much GRATITUDE to the One who "sticks with me all day long."


  1. Your music just prompted a brief dance party with my sweet Cely Kay who has been sick today. Her little feet moved to he beat and I became over joyed with my blessings and by the lyrics that reminded me the Lord does stick with us and brings us out of valleys and givesushope! Thank you for sharing. We serve a mighty King!

  2. You are so blessed friend. Wonderful to have you as a sister in Christ. ;)