Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who would want to miss this?

I just returned from the beach with this crowd.  
It was my 2nd annual trip where I played the role of "Beach Cook."

It was me and these three. 

I counted heads...

took lots of pics...

And made lots of meals.

(It is necessary to have LOTS of chicken fingers.)

The kids slept everywhere (in the few hours they slept!)....

even on the porch!

But the cook got her own room.....ahhhh.  
(I brought my current quilting project.  I had all kinds of time to quilt....NOT!)

There was nail painting...

And lots of laughter! (All thanks to Dexter's crazy stories.)

 And an abundant supply of praise and worship! 

We had some Saturday Night fun at the Wonder Works....

where some were blown away....

and turned upside down!

 And there were a few "Rebeccas" there.

Thank you to the Brown Family for our accommodations!

This is an exceptional bunch of kids.  I was blessed to watch this crew love, and serve, and learn, and grow, and be kind and gracious and accepting, and laugh, and sing with wide open hearts.... and mouths!   
What a privilege to be a part of it!

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