Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summertime...Come Quick!

I commented this past week.... I CANNOT WAIT until we can stop getting up for school!  Caroline was delighted to get a little taste of it this morning.  She rolled out of bed when she felt like it,  curled up on the couch still in her jammies, and even had her breakfast delivered on a flowery plate!  Summer is just around the corner.... 
can we make it 9 more days??? 

Here is a little bucket of happy just waiting for summer days!

Have you discovered the new Galaxy Bakery  on 81?  The Asiago Cheese bread is moist and amazing and, can I venture to say, even better that Panera.... and I didn't think you could get any better!  They also have berry scones to die for.  So delightful to have a yummy new bakery just up the road.  It has a cute atmosphere and they serve breakfast!  (I should get some sort of discount for this!)

Look what I found at Wal-Mart!  Another pending project for the sweet summertime!  
(Who knew they had such cute fabric???)

Caroline thinks that jeans should not have holes.... even though some people pay big bucks for the jeans that have them.  (These are some fancy hand me downs from a dear friend.)  C has picked out some scraps for patches and placed it all in my sewing basket.  Fun.

This time of year.... I can't seem to get out from under the pile!  Can u relate?  
Oh sweet summertime.... I need you!  Can't wait!

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