Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Barefoot in the Park"

So I went to the store tonight and I discovered these little "glazed" salad toppings.... I repeat, "GLAZED" salad toppings.  Can we say...Y.U.M.  I decided on angel hair slaw mix, asian dressing, cucumbers and some diced tomatoes (much to Rebecca's dismay), and the WHOLE bag of "glazed" salad toppings.  Delish.

While I am "bragging" about happy things in my life, I must share MY BACK YARD with you.  
I had nothing to do with it.

The grass is the kind that screams, "take off your shoes and walk around on me!"    If you are wondering why the flag sticks straight out of the tree house, it is because Caroline and her daddy put it up without my supervision.  (Caroline got to decide where it went.)  Actually, I kind of think it's sweet.

Ahhhh.  The benefit of being married to a professional horticulturist.

Buddy loves to hear about all our days. 

Way back, when the girls were little tikes, Daddy built this sandbox for them.  It will soon transform into a little garden for the girls to tend.  He says they get to decide what they want to plant, but I am rooting for herbs....
just sayin'.

Peonies from my back yard.  Love.  The big veggie garden goes in this weekend!  Yea!  Can't wait.

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