Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"A man's pride brings him low..." Pr. 29:23

Before I had children, a wise woman once told me, "Let God change you now. If not, it will show up in your children." Boy was she right. One of my children, not naming any names, spent the entire drive home from school defending why she WAS INDEED prepared for her History Test today. Since there was an actual study guide that I never saw, and since she did not bug me to "quiz her" on the info like she usually does, I KNOW that she was not prepared. The conversation got ugly and there were tears. I will not divulge who all was crying.

The sad part is.... she didn't really make a bad grade. I just thought she could have done better. That nasty sin of pride reared it's ugly head on both our parts. "I" could've done better on that test if I had just known about the study guide. Wait. Whose test was it anyway?

Maybe it was just God's "test" to see how we would respond. We failed. But in the end, "He" aced the test, because once again, He taught us all we needed to know.

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