Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Open My Eyes


I woke to the sun pouring out of the sky.

I remembered to thaw something out for the crockpot. (Major feat!)

The girls were ready for school at 7:15am which left time to run in Publix and grab some sort of lunch with the pennies we scrounged up at home... BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING IN OUR HOUSE TO MAKE FOR LUNCH.  Except Nana's leftover Split Pea Soup and I had already claimed it and threatened my family's lives if they ate it.  (Nana's Split Pea Soup might just be my favorite thing on this whole entire earth.)

I remembered to take my Zyrtec.

One of my students corrected another during morning share time on the proper use of the word "Ironic" and it just made me belly laugh.  Third graders....gotta love 'em.

My students and I made a sweet surprise for their mommas which required the sewing machine, so that was fun.

The girls and I drove over to DD for "Free Iced Coffee Day" and found it to be a refreshing after-school snack on this warm spring afternoon.

It was our weekly trip to the food pantry where we packed produce and stocked the shelves and laughed all the while.

Andy called.  He was having a good day.

There were checks in the mail and therefore money in the bank for a big (very necessary!) grocery shop. I scooted off by myself to tackle the task leaving the girls to get their homework done before Youth Group.

The sweet older lady who bagged my groceries and walked me to my car shared her whole life story with me in the Publix parking lot, which included almost dying in 1979 while living in NYC to living through a hurricane in Florida where her husband was "mangled" in a car accident and survived to her move to Anderson 7 years ago where she has planted roots and only has 2 years before she can retire with Publix.  She hinted at writing a book about her "crazy, wonderful life" when she retires and I hope she does, because her enthusiasm in sharing it (despite the fact that I was sweltering outside my car and my ice cream was melting in the backseat) was the highlight of my day for sure.

There is Fajita Flank Steak warm in the crockpot for when we all congregate at the table after Youth Group.  I've already grated the MJ cheese and cut up the fixings for our meal together... thankful for another day of His provision.

I turned on the AC.  Don't judge.

We might sit and watched American Idol tonight, although it "ain't" much worth watching anymore because we had to say goodbye to Brunell Taylor last week and he was the best thing to ever happen to that show.  Bummer.

Somehow I got a quiet house for about an hour.  Grateful for a moment to sit and reflect on this day.  This morning, I asked God to keep my eyes open to all of it's beauty.  "Don't let me miss YOU!"  I pleaded.

And there He was.

Did you see Him?   



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