Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tub Wisdom

We decided to clean the house this afternoon, because the weekend ahead is full and packed and we just wanted to get it over with. 

When we clean, the girls and I each take a job.  There are three choices for the regular weekly clean:
1.  Bathrooms
2.  Vacuuming
3.  Dusting

Today was her day to do the bathrooms.  She finished and I just happened to go in and inspect (which I rarely do).  There were several strands of hair in the tub.  I called her in.

Daughter:  What?

I pointed to the tub.

Daughter:  What?

(She needed an explanation.)

Me:  This is not clean.

Daughter:  (Disgusted look.)  Yes, it is.

I decided to table the conversation and wiped out the tub myself.

I knew it would not take her long to come find me and inquire... and she did.  

Me:  If you went to a hotel and found the tub looking like that, would you have thought it was clean???

Daughter:  No, but...

Me:  (Cutting her off) Yes.  There are no "buts".  And, by the way, try to have a better attitude when someone corrects you if you are wrong.  

(Unfortunately, she learned that little "skill" from me.)

Addendum:  That same child got emotional when the newest picture of our Compassion child came in the mail today, because she looks sad.  She also wrote a letter to a widow in our church this week...just because.  And she wasted no time making sure I knew she was sorry about the tub.  (That's just how she rolls.)  Love her so.

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