Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Formal Gratitude

For how her heart is as delightful as her appearance... and she didn't even care that she scuffed her freshly painted toenail polish.  "Nobody is going to be looking at my feet."

For how Nana swooped in for a one day visit 
and got to see her grandbaby all dolled up.

 For how three is really not a crowd... 
and how they love each other in the most beautiful way.

And for how we have piles of pictures just like this.

 For mommas who care about making things special and elegant.

And for how they appreciated the effort.

For how they know each other backwards and forwards and upsidedown...

...and enjoy all the uniqueness!

For how we snuck downtown at 10pm to see them all dancing on the rooftop and how little sis waited up on her to get all the details of her happy evening.

First School Formal

A joy-making occasion!

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  1. Alisa, she is so beautiful, Caroline too! It's obvious your girls know the meaning of inside beauty as well as outside beauty. They have a certain glow! You've done well!