Saturday, April 27, 2013

Welcome to the Club (the 40 Club)

My friend, Suzanne, was born today...forty years ago.  I'm so glad.  
She is a happy part of my life.

Some twelve-ish years ago, we met.  A mutual friend introduced us and I invited her to lunch along with her little tot, Mabry.  (She now has 5 little tots.)

We had some chicken salad in the backyard and let our little ones play while I proceeded to drag out ALL my scrapbooks for her to see.  Obnoxious.  
(She still wanted to be my friend.)

We've walked through much since that first greeting which has included yard sales, girls trips, play dates & parties, four more births and adoption!  We've shared a whole lot of laughter and a few tears.  Our girls love to be with each other.

She crafts and sews and bakes up a storm.  Her house is a happy place to be.  And she serves, serves, serves like nobody's business.  She is a sweet addition to this world. 

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!
You are one of my favorites! 



  1. She is a beautiful blessing to our world! I think that is my favorite picture of her ever! Love you both!

  2. Thanks for your kind words...Thankful God made our paths cross 12 years ago and I found a forever friend!