Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tune my Heart

Everyday they ask the same question.  "Do we have to write our answers in cursive???"  And everyday they get the same answer... "Yes." 

Today, he got through #2 and said, "Oh No!  I forgot to write in cursive."  I then said, "It's okay.  How about no cursive on this one."  Thrilling for him.  Not so much for a classmate.

"Ugh!"  she said.  "I've already done two in CURSIVE!"

I decided to use it as a "teachable moment" about a lesson I have been learning personally.

(They braced themselves for ANOTHER little "Mrs. Lamb Sermonette".)

Ya know.  Sometimes God throws little irritations our way to strengthen our "reaction skills."  It's kind of like He says, "Let's see how she reacts to this?"  When you are young, the irritations are small, like having to write (or not write!) your answers in cursive.  But when you get to be a grown up, those irritations get bigger and harder.  So, these years are kind of like the training ground for being a grown up.  If you can get really good at responding well now to your third grade "trials" and frustrations, you'll be good and ready for the "grown up" trials and frustrations.  He is "tuning your hearts" even now for whatever the future holds.  And, thankfully, He knows what it holds.

I'm not sure how much they got out of that, but I got a whole mess of stuff.  Mainly, that He is still working on my "reaction skills" and He keeps giving me ample opportunities to practice.  

(Tune my heart to sing Thy praise.)

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