Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh Monday, Monday

Mondays are a bit crazy.  

From school, I raced to the bank, ran home, ate some lunch (yes... at 3:15), ran the girls to Bible Study, met a friend at my house for a "quick help" with her little sewing project, got the mail, raced to the bank again, grabbed one girl from her Bible Study, raced home to walk with one friend and her babies and another friend and her mother-in-law (it was a fun little pile of us walking the neighborhood!), raced to get one girl from the YMCA, enjoyed sweet talk in the car with her and raced home.  Now the "Publix Apron Meal" Pork Chili is bubbling on the stove and 

I am enjoying a little pre-meal appetizer, 

a new favorite read (I love memoirs!),

and some time in my favorite seat with some tiny squares and some tiny stitches.

Thankful for all the Monday reasons to race.

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