Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Rhythm Weekend

Sometimes life just clicks along in happy rhythm.  Other times the beat gets all out of whack.  This weekend was a "Happy Rhythm" kind of weekend. 

On Friday evening, the girls went to hang out with friends, eat pizza, and play foosball, ping pong, etc.  After they left, Andy pulled in to grab a drink and still had to finish up two more jobs.  Since I was home alone, he asked if I would like to join him and was surprised when I responded with a "Sure!"  
(It was kind of romantic watching him work.)

On Saturday, we left around three for a little family outing in Greenville which included the fabric store, a pawn shop, Trader Joes, and some Starbucks... among other things.  We especially loved the "Onion Ring Tower" we had with some burgers for dinner.

 Afterwards we all "copped a squat" in the B&N with some magazines 
before we headed home.

 After some "fellowship with the saints" today, we fried up some bacon-wrapped quail for lunch and enjoyed each others company at the dining room table.   Andy and I finished up a little series we've been watching (So sweet...I cried!) and then he and Caroline headed to the woods to hunt for hogs...blech.

  And in the midst of all that I found time to cut and sew some patchwork!  (Delight.)

Thankful for weekends that click along in happy rhythm.

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