Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

It was a Good Friday for a yard sale.  My girlfriends and I have one annually in my front yard and for some reason, we always have a pile of stuff.  This year the clothes were literally overwhelming the whole yard.  Between three mommas, we have eight girls so that probably explains it.  The turnover is so constant.  

Anyway, one of my favorite parts of this tradition is the little glimpse into the lives of people I might not otherwise ever meet.  Today, there were all kinds of them.  Of course we saw our usual customers like that cutie patootie with the guitar.  And some yard sale friends in the community who somehow find us every year.... regulars.  Haha.

This year we met...

Three little boys from Pickens Co (twins and a little brother) who had the best southern twang and made me belly laugh.  The little one was beside himself with a stuffed crab of Caroline's.  50 cents.  Score.

This old man from Hartwell who makes cowboy hats out of beer cartons (impressive!) and had on a t-shirt he designed that said, "America Bless God" instead of "God Bless America."  (Interesting.)  I declined his offer to purchase one, but thank you anyway.  He was a kind soul.

There was lots of Grandmas and Grandpas who were on a hunt for certain things for their grandkids.  One Grandma, in particular, shared her story of how she was beating Cancer everyday for her grandkids and she only had three more chemo treatments.  She was a beauty in her sassy ballcap and her fighting spirit made me cry.  I look forward to praying for her.

There was another feisty lady who insisted on getting the brand new $100 flute we were selling for $50 at the ripe ol' price of 20 bucks.  No ma'am, price stands at $50.  She even went to her car to get her iPad and pull up other similar musical instruments on ebay so we could check out what they were going for.  I "loved" her persistence, but she left without a flute.

There was a tall daddy who had on an Auburn sweatshirt.  You don't see many of those in these parts.  It's Clemson Tiger Country over that was a treat.  War Eagle!

And there was a lady who directs an amazing organization in Anderson that pulls young girls off the streets and gives them grace and hope.  I loved hearing her story and passion.

But my favorite moment of the day was a little girl of three with a tiny bit of strawberry blonde hair who plopped down with Rebecca and told her all the colors of the markers in the 25 cent box she found.  Her daddy found a bracelet for her that said "God Keeps His Promises."  I said aloud, "He sure does!"  He then proceeded to share how his three year old had a liver transplant just eight months ago and was doing remarkably well.  He choked up when he talked about how they had been reading about Jesus's death and resurrection just this morning together and how she KNEW that it was God who saved her life and how he believed that God had great purposes for her here on earth.  Turns out she is the currently the poster child for the Ronald McDonald house and you can find her picture on the donation boxes at Walgreens and McDonalds.  Her cute momma is expecting baby #2.  I felt so overwhelmed with joy just getting to know that little miracle.  Her vocabulary was delightful and she made sure she thanked me for giving her the  Um...of course.  

Yes, indeed, it was a Good Friday. 

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