Monday, October 24, 2011

Divine Appointments

Tonight I decided to make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to get something framed.  It was getting close to their closing time and I had halfway decided not to make the trip, but decided last minute to go ahead and go.... always trying to get that last thing in before the end of the day.  

The sweet girl helping me was quiet.  She was at the end of her day... I was her last customer and I am sure she was tired.  While she worked on my frames, I began to interrogate strike up a conversation with her.  After a series of questions I learned that she was a recent graduate with a degree in English and is hoping for an opportunity soon to work in her field of study.  Just when I thought she might be ready for me to pipe down and move on.... I asked one last question.  "Do you have a blog?"

He face lit up!  She said "Yes! I do!"  It is called Be Thou My Vision.  ( I knew she was my "sister"!)  As I took my frames and said goodbye she said, "This was such a nice way to end my day."

It was a nice way to end mine too.

Thankful for:

670.  Divine appointments at Hobby Lobby

671.  Red chalkboard paint...who knew!

672.  Unexpected field trips and the privilege to drive a car full of 7th graders

673.  A pumpkin spice latte and a cool spot by the river

674.  A weekend full of family and  scrumptious food brought all the way (5 hours) from Nana's house for all of us to enjoy.

675.  Having company and not having to cook a meal.

676.  Les Mis, Les Mis, Les Mis.

677.  Andy's big strong hugs.

678.  Failure... because it drives me to You.

679.  "The things You've planned for us."  Ps. 40:5

680.  How the girls make Andy's lunch with joy and sneak little notes in it for him to discover.

681.  Caroline's delight in Your rain so she can wear her new rain boots.

682.  Racing and rushing to get out the door... their smiles and laughter as we climb into the car.

683.  New fresh veggies on the counter, ready to be steamed up for dinner.

684.  Packages that have been riding around in my car for over a week...finally mailed!  Yippee!!

685.  50 cent hymnal at Lifeway... with another church's name printed on the front.  A "mess- up" just for me.  

686.  Singing old hymns from my new hymnal.

687.  How Mr. Tom pulls our trashcan back every Monday afternoon.

688.  Neighborhood Pumpkin annual tradition.

689.  My "quilty" pumpkin.


690.  A minute to sit and reflect and be thankful.


  1. cute pumpkin! :)
    i enjoyed reading through your list. thanks for sharing.

  2. I enjoyed meeting you too!! It had been such a hard day at work, and the Lord knew it was just what I needed! :)