Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rainbow Party

I heard her first cry nine years ago.  My ear was pressed up against the delivery room door.  I was so glad my best friend was getting a girl.  It's been nine years of girly party planning....and this year it was RAINBOW.... because Miss Erin wanted to celebrate God's promises.

There was rainbow nails...


sand art...

Rainbow drinks...

And rainbow straws!

There was rainbow fruit kabobs...

And lots of rainbow bubble gum!

And even a rainbow candy bar.... everyone could "taste the rainbow!"

Dear special friend
It is your Birthday
It is the day that Jesus sent you to the earth...Yee Haw!
And we rejoice
And we will celebrate
'Cause we love you and were thankful for the
blessing of your birth!

And there was cake....

...Rainbow Cake!

Everyone enjoyed the colorful celebration!

 Happy Birthday, Sweet Erin!  I'm so glad you were born.

I love you, dear friend!
Such a JOY celebrating birthdays with you!


  1. Now I feel like I was there! Of course, missed my fellowship with y'all. Annaleigh had a wonderful time! I love the rainbow theme and Erin saying she wanted to celebrate Gods promises (about made me cry). She is a beautiful, precious 9 year old and I am thankful for Erin and her very dear family!

  2. It was a sweet day. Thankful to share it was such dear friends! Mary Elisabeth, we missed you! Annaleigh's giggle reminds me of you every time I hear it! Alisa, thank you for "getting" me all these many years! We are kindred spirits indeed. And I'll never forget you saying "I' m just going to stand over here in the corner and maybe Philip won't notice." Well, it almost worked! :)

  3. this looks like so much fun!!!
    i love the cake! :)

    1. Thank you, Meg! Alisa & I both enjoy your blog! We are looking forward to making it to Craft Weekend one of these days! Kimberlee has us on the list! Keep delighting us with your fun reads and photographs!