Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Love...

I Love the Island Coconut Fudge Coffee I found at TJMaxx... 
and the cute polka-dotted bag!

I Love how Rebecca wakes up and sneaks over to the couch to curl up with a book.

I Love how Caroline made this cute little umbrella applique out of the scraps left over from the bag I made for Erin's birthday.

I LOVE these chocolate chip oreo bars that I found on Pinterest!

I love our annual "Welcome Summer" swim date with cousins.

I Love Caleb's new found joy in posing for pictures.

I Love Summer S'More Bars!

I Love friends who come for summer-spend-the-night-play-dates...

...and reorganize my daughter's closet!

I Love sitting down to "fussy-cut" a new quilt!

I LOVE Trader Joes!  I do!  I do!

I Love having new little cutie-patooties over for a play date!

I Love pool hairstyles!

I Love summer dip dinner!

I Love how Caroline has no problem touching slimy, goopy fish with her bare hands!

I Love new quilt books that are 30% off on the day I go in the quilt store.... 
and I have a gift card!

And I Love piles of fabric... I do!


  1. I love it that I'm figuring out how to comment on your blog. Let's see if it worked!!