Friday, July 13, 2012

Cow Day

So, this year the big girls decided to be Hippie Cows.  They crack me up!  Cow Day is such a fun tradition in our house.  The first year we participated (many years back) the girl wore "udders" made of blown up latex gloves.  
They won't have any part of that anymore.  

We saw lots of "cow" friends...

And enjoyed a free meal!

They gave out free cookies too.  Have you had one???  (My life is now complete.)

Thank you, Chick Fil A, for making life GRAND!

This "Joy-Making Day"  was "UDDER"-LY amazing!

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  1. thanks for your sweet comment this morning. blessed me. i just ate at chick-fil-a today with my girlies. love that place!