Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mid Week Gratitude

#1320  The joy of prepping for a party!

#1321  Date night with my hubby.... to the Uptown Lounge.  (Who knew?)

#1322  This morning's reminder that I can't DO anything to make Him happy with me....He just IS.

#1323  Hopping off with the girls on Saturday to the "once a month" fabric sale in Williamston...and the old man with the popsicles....and our hysterical laughter over the country preacher on the radio.

#1324  How Caroline recognized that He was teaching false

#1325  Megan's wedding and catching up with Freda and missing seeing her everyday and missing laughing with her.

#1326  The things my girls teach me about life.

#1327  Homegrown tomatoes from the Wickisers chopped with a really ripe avacado for lunch.  Delish.

#1327  Sharing this ahhhh-mazing lunch with Caroline.... and how we both really wanted it all to ourselves because it really wasn't enough for two and WE BOTH LOVED IT!!!

#1328  How Caroline is always so gracious and puts others before herself and wouldn't dare have eaten it all herself even when I insisted!

#1329  The chevron wrapping paper Rebecca and I found at Target for a little gift I need to wrap and how Rebecca recognized how cute the paper would be for Christmas and how we couldn't get back to Target fast enough to buy the rest that they had!

#1330  Spending an unexpected afternoon with Mary Elisabeth and Micah because of their car mishap and how much fun it was and how it reminded me that God's plans for each day are always better than my own.

#1331  Having a little reunion:)

#1332  Making quilted cupcake toppers on pink lemonade cupcakes with Caroline.... letting her "do it" even though it's hard:)

#1333  Mrs. Roh.... and how God answers our prayers in the sweetest of ways sometimes, and grows our faith.

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  1. Love the quilted cupcake toppers!!! I was wondering why you had soooo much wrapping paper!:-) glad again for time with you both yesterday!