Monday, January 30, 2012

The "Magic" of His Grace

You know those days in the family when little words are offensive and little actions are offensive and you didn't mean to but you did and things are just not "jive-n".  

After a whirlwind of afternoon activity which included Bible Studies, and doctor visits, and basketball practice, and basketball games, and drop offs and pick ups, etc. etc. etc., we finally all sat down together for dinner at 7:30 (where the rice was crunchy...I can't make rice!!!).  We tried to talk and share, but people were edgy and comments were not, what I like to call, "soft."

I secretly prayed as I chomped on my rice...

"Lord, would you just give us a good dousing of your grace?"

And somehow (magically) it happened.  Rebecca started to clear the table.  She helped me unload a full dishwasher and loaded the "dirties" that were in the sink.  A clean kitchen counter began to appear.  Our conversation was light and sprinkled with laughter.  Daddy scooted over by Caroline to look over her math. They laughed together.  Homework got done and there was even time for watching T.V. and "puzzle-ing" and another piece of an amazing chocolate cake (compliments of Mrs. Settle!)

GRACE....springing up like daffodils in the cold of the winter.

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