Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I just returned home last night from a wonderful weekend girls trip to Birmingham. It was 4 days full of shopping, crafting, eating, laughing, and fun with two of my dearest of girlfriends. My favorite "find" was this charming little "a" mug which, I just discovered, holds the perfect cup of tea.

I arrived home to 2 very happy girls who had also enjoyed a fabulous "Daddy Weekend" where they got to wear whatever they wanted, eat whatever they wanted, and go to bed whenever they wanted. When I am away, daddy does things like take them for milkshakes at 5:00 in the afternoon... before they have had dinner. I often say, "Daddy is the fun parent and mommy is the 'Hall Monitor'". Somebody has to be.

I walked in the door last night at 10:00pm...just before the storms arrived. I knew they were coming and I was anxious. Andy and I tucked everyone in and called it a day ourselves. I had just drifted off to dream when the first "thunder boomer" jolted me out of sleep. As Andy peacefully snored, I rose from the bed and came into the den. Why is it that I think that if I am up, a tree will not fall on our house.... as if my "awakeness" is going to stop it. I looked out the big windows and watched the trees sway with the force of the wind. I curled up in Andy big leather chair and prayed for His peace and protection.

Nothing like a ferocious storm to remind us Who is in control. I've always had a hard time with storms. When I was little and the "thunder boomers" came, my momma would say, "Don't worry, Alisa. You can't control the storms, but you can trust the One who does." God, once again, reminded me that He was watching out for me and my family.... even if a tree fell on our house. I finally went back to bed and slept peacefully all night...

...and woke to the glorious sunshine. (Psalm 30:5)

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