Saturday, April 16, 2011

He cares about the details

Well, there is a first time for everything and today was a first time for shaving....Rebecca shaving, that is. (Fear not, I have been shaving for years.) We all piled into the bathtub for the grand experience....Caroline included. As you see, we do not have one of those fancy whirlpool tubs, so it was a bit of a tight squeeze. We had a few words of instruction before she began and then she lathered up and went at it. Not one nick....amazing kid. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Make sure you rinse your razor off after every stroke or two. You have to be careful around your ankles and this bone that runs up the front of your leg.

Rebecca: Ok... well, I am about to shave up the bone and I am nervous.

Don't be nervous. Just pray and ask God to help.

Rebecca: Mom, that is a little weird...asking God to help with shaving.

Me: God cares about shaving. He cares about every detail of our lives.

Caroline: Rebecca, you are suppose to rinse your razor off after every two strokes!
(Caroline cares about the details too.)

Another monumental moment in the Lamb household.

P.S. Although this post was blogworthy, my daughter will have a duck if you mention it to her!! Mums the word. Thanks!


  1. I was totally joking when I told you to blog about this! She is going to kill you if she ever sees this! The fact that she let Caroline sit in there with her is too sweet! What a fun sister experience to share! Love those girls!~Bebe

  2. This makes me smile! You are a great mom. I look forward to this with my girls. However poor Rebecca because now the never ending debate begins " do I really need to shave or can I make it one more day?"

  3. Oh how neat...I remember my first time. They grow up so fast.

    How sweet♥