Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Confessions of a "Tween" Mom

1. Justin Bieber is all over my work-out music.

2. I cried at the Hannah Montana Movie.

3. I know every word to "Introducing Me" by the Jonas Brothers.

4. "Good Luck Charlie" makes me laugh out loud.

5. I've bought scarves and jewelry for my girls just so I can wear them.

6. YoGo's is my new favorite "hang-out".

7. This is how we start our day on the way to school in the morning.... loud and complete with dance moves.

8. I've probably seen Confessions of a Shopaholic, Letters to Juliet, and Princess Diaries at least 18 times and never tire of them.

9. I am perfectly content to spend two hours in Old Navy.

10. I still think Andy Lamb is the cutest boy in town and when he smiles at heart melts.


  1. Great post--as the mom of two tweeners I can totally relate! I am loving this age--no sassy teenagers yet but they are also developing some independence. My kids do theatre and right now they are doing Camp Rock, the Musical. Introducing Me is totally my favorite song!

  2. Well, Brooke is almost 20 and I still love to watch the Disney Channel with her, watch some of those same movies AGAIN with her, wear some of her scarves and jewelry and I cried at the last episode of Hannah Montana on TV! Enjoy these times, but just know that they don't end necessarily after the TWEENS! :) Love you and your girls!!!