Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Buckets

I made these cute little valentine buckets.... an idea from a craft blog that I like to read. I "introduced" them to my family on February 1st at dinner. The instructions were as follows:

From now until Valentines day you have the "sweet" opportunity to fill each others buckets with notes of love. I've even supplied some cute little valentine notecards and pens for you!

After dinner I scooted out the door to the YMCA for a quick workout. When I returned home the girls were both sitting in the living room watching the tube. They were suppose to be in bed. I said, "Get up, get your teeth brushed, and get in the bed!!!" Caroline promptly huffed and stomped out of the room. I did not respond very well to that. The "wrath of mommy" came flying out. It was one of the parental moments that you wish you could rewind and play again...differently. I went to kiss her goodnight... she turned her head. So I simply said, "Goodnight" and left the room. When I left her room I noticed something sticking out of my valentine bucket....

Dear Mommy,
Thank you for always making days fun!
I Love You! Caroline

I promptly walked back into Caroline's room, crawled into bed with her, and held her in my arms. There is such sweetness in asking your children to forgive you.


  1. 1. Love that you blog.
    2. Love that you blog...with honesty and heart.
    3. That is a great Valentine idea!

  2. This one brought tears to my eyes. Primarily because I can relate! You are such a good Mommy! I like reading about your fun days.