Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mid-Summer Gratitude

 For friends who turn ten and friends who create such delightful little parties.

For the rain, rain, rain this summer and how it reminds me in a very real way that I am not in control of things.

 For how they sing this as we take an afternoon drive.

And for how they sing this.... and my inquisition, 
"What is she wanting someone to come and get when they are ready?"  
(Unfortunately, these Disney princesses move on.)

 For the car conversations with my girls that summertime brings.

 For friends who let you bear the burden with them.

For how they have a "life" and all these plans which leaves lots of time for date nights with my sweetheart.  (Good thing we like each other.)

 For the mid-summer "lightbulb" that floods my mind with ideas for a new school year.

 For afternoon sewing dates and Starbucks dates and shopping dates and swimming dates... with friends.

For all the wisdom of James and reading it over and over til it sticks....'cause I'm bad about "walking away from the mirror and forgetting what I look like."  (James 1:24)

For new i-phones and having your daughter teach you how to use them.

For the fun that technology has brought into our world.... for Facebook, and Instagram, and Vine (What a nerve-eater!), and all the APPS galore.

 For how it doesn't work out, and then it works out, and then it doesn't...and for learning to lay it all at His feet.

For veges pouring in from the garden... and making pickles and finding new things to do with squash.  (You can only eat so much squash casserole.)

For silly Caroline.

 For how Rebecca reads to me in the car from this with such expression and how we laugh heartily together.

For serving those "less fortunate"  and realizing how much we're really just all in this thing together.

For the 20 year anniversary of our first date (for remembering!) and sharing with the girls how that day went down and the laughter and the reminiscing.

 For cousins and visits and sleeping all over the place and truly enjoying one another's company.

For blogging and the joy of this creative outlet in my life.

 Fr letting things go...even though it is so stinkin' hard.

For a husband who encourages me, knows how to laugh, and notices things about life that most people miss.  I like how God made him.

 For summertime and the livin' is sweet....and slow.

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  1. Thanks for celebrating my baby girl with me...then and now! And I had to laugh about the song choices...could those be any more different? I'm glad they like variety! :)