Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cocktail Blessings

 My favorite uncle who always wears cool shoes and no socks.

These three and their first cocktail party.  How I sent my nephew to get me a plate of food...because he looked the part.  (Such a cutie.)

 Being with two of my favorite men.

 My one and only cuz on my mom's side.  I was Rebecca's age when he was born.  

 Catching up with my glamorous sis-in-love.  Always a treat.

Sweet Kate.... a beautiful bride and a beautiful "catch."  
So glad they finally tied that knot!

 Having cocktails just across the street from the Fox Theater... 
a splendid venue for a party!

 Sharing my city with the girls.  A cool and breezy rainless night after a very wet week!

Capturing the memories with my phone camera... even though they're a tad blurry!

The sights and sounds of the big city!

A fun place to visit... appreciating our small town home town.

 How the waiters walked around with yummy treats.  
Introducing the girls to their first cocktail party in a very grand way!

 How they married in Portugal in a palace... 

 ... a handsome prince and his darling princess.

 What a treat to celebrate with them!

 It was a glorious "joy-making" occasion!

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