Friday, July 19, 2013


Excuse the blurry "instagram."  Capturing the memory of a happy day is "blurry-worthy."  These chicks make life fun.

We haven't spent a week at the beach, the mountains, or on some fancy cruise, but we have had the sweetest of summers so far. 

This week, we cleaned out the kitchen... the fridge, the freezer, the cabinets, the pantry.  It felt so good.  They scolded me for the "waste" and committed to using up all we've got before buying anymore.  There should be some interesting meals for the next few days.... quinoa, and beans, and artichokes, and blueberry jam.  Hmmmm.  (I'm glad they care.)

Some of my favorite moments with them are conversations in the car.  Today we scooted up to Greenville to pick up a gift and use a "living social" deal at the new Tealoha.  Rebecca had to explain twice that the name reflected the owner's culture.  She was a Chinese lady from Hawaii.  Tea-aloha.  Sometimes it takes me a while.  She just rolls her eyes.

Somehow the conversation turned to their ideas and dreams for the future.... what they feel called to do.  One mentioned how she had been praying for God to help her feel more comfortable in certain social situations.  I took a minute to catch my breath.  It's overwhelming when your kid is seeking God's guidance on her own  without your prompting.  I do not, for one second, take that for granted.

They are His and He is theirs.  There is absolutely no greater gift in life.

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