Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Warning:  I am going to brag.

Somewhere around January of this year, Rebecca was asked to write an essay for school that her teacher was going to enter in a state-wide Art & Essay Contest by the South Carolina Dialogue Foundation.  She came home from school delighted with the opportunity and immediately began composing a fictional story about two girls her age, one rich and one unexpectedly poor. When she finished she turned it in and said, "I'm praying for 2nd place...the iPad2."  We have nothing "i" at our house, so this was most desirable.

Several weeks went by and then one morning she burst into my classroom, "I'm in the top ten!!!"  She continued to pray nightly that she would win second.

We were invited to a ceremony on Sunday to announce place winners and awards. Starting with tenth place in all categories we waited through name after name, and presentation after presentation, and photograph after photograph.  She wasn't tenth, or ninth, or eighth, or seventh.  As each name was called I looked over at her.  Her face was beaming.  Does God really care about things like 2nd place and iPads?

Well, sure enough He does.  Out of all of those entries all over this state, God gave 2nd to her.  Well, of course, she wrote the paper and the Dialogue Foundation gave her the award. But in her little eyes... God gets ALL the credit.

Sweet are the things He uses to build her faith....and mine.     

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