Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gratitude in Pictures

A BURST of color in my front yard!

Bringing the outdoors in!

Pumpkins that last and last!

A couple of cheap towels and some recycled old linens for a little "Farm Chicky" bathroom makeover.

Saturday morning....endless HOT coffee and waking/sneaking up before the family to sew in my pj's.

 Being "under the pile"....of fabric!

Cleaning out for a yard sale.

Two daughters who think it is fun to clean out and price things.  Yippy Yah Yay!

A happy spot to iron.

 The joy of welcoming a new baby girl.


Colorful lunches.

Time for frivolous reading.

An Easter egg bucket full of sunshine.... (or a "ruffles potato chip" bucket according to Rebecca.)

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