Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And the Celebration Continues....

With a whole lotta cousins 

And a whole lotta yummy food!

And the joy of giving...

And receiving!

And some headdresses...

And just being with family.

Some more crazy cousins!

And sweet Hoke who LOVES to talk with Uncle Andy.

And a race out Nana's front door to see Santa on the Firetruck!

And Scattergories with lots of hysterical laughter.

And so much food, food, FOOD, FOOD!

And 17 stockings! 

With matching Kindles. 

And lots of fellowship in Nana's happy Christmas house.

With a present for EVERYONE!

 And sheer delight to find a treasure she has asked and asked for!

And a helpful little gift card.

And sweet Nana.

And the oldies but goodies.

With "worms" for his tackle box

And Rebecca's sweet surprise for Mom! 

With a SNUGGIE!!!

 And a stocking for everyone, from youngest.... oldest!

Filled with some essentials! 

 With some sweethearts

And sisters 

And dear, dear friends from far away. 

With another celebration!

for the whole family 

With candles

 And cookie cake!

And matching jerseys from your favorite team!

And some new boots from Nana.

And a whole lotta family LOVE.

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