Saturday, December 31, 2011

And on December 31st...

My house looks like bomb went off.  Half the tree is undecorated.  Christmas decor is still strewn about.  Caroline's room is half re-decorated, but all the little things that are NOT going back in there are in piles all around the house.  For those of you who come into my house and say things like, "Your house is always so tidy.  Everything is always in it's place,"  now would be the time to come by for a visit.  

While trying to make a little dent in the mess, I decided to take a break, go hide somewhere, and eat the REST of my birthday cake.  When I returned to the many tasks at hand I found this:

I took a minute to just look at her.... my "newly" eleven year old with all her cute freckles.  
And suddenly, all is right in my world.

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