Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sing Your Praise to the Lord (Come on Everybody)

Several weeks ago I heard an advertisement on the radio for this and remarked to my husband how much Mary Elisabeth loves Laura Story.  He said,

"Why don't you get tickets and take treat!"

I did not argue and promptly came home and order the tickets.  

The evening was a blessing.... a fun time for both of us.  We laughed hard and shed tears and had the privilege of experiencing the "sensation" of worship at a Christian concert.  It has been a long time since I've been to one and the memories of my teenage years came flooding back.

My first Christian Concert was at Six Flags over Georgia.... Amy Grant's "Straight Ahead" Tour.  The one where she had a big "red light" on stage that flashed red, yellow, green when she sang the lead song.  Michael W. Smith was her opening act and he just sat at the piano and played.... no flashing lights, no dancing around.... just Michael and the piano.  Amy had on a leopard jacket and her hair was long and full of curls and I thought she was beautiful (still do).

I never missed an Amy concert after that.  Nor a Michael W. Smith one for that matter.  I can remember Steven Curtis Chapman's Great Adventure Tour where he brought his wife and three tiny children on stage, two of which are now married.  "More To This Life" was my absolute favorite song.  He made me laugh when he shared how he had three children, "Eenie, Meenie, and Minee, and he hoped to have no Mo."  He has since adopted three from China... one who is now with Jesus.

I saw many a "barefooted" Rich Mullins concert and learned the cup game to "Screen Door on a Submarine" which I often teach my classes.  Rich was ALWAYS so raw and real and vulnerable.  His lyrics still make me think deep.  I cried when he died.  He did, indeed, "go out like Elijah" and I look forward to meeting him in heaven.

I saw DC Talk open for Billy Graham live in Atlanta.  Kevin Smith climbed up the scaffolding to sing and I thought Billy Graham was so cool to let this group open for him.   Just last night, Mary Elisabeth enlightened me that Michael Tait is now the lead singer for Newsboys and Kevin sings background vocals on their newest hit, God's Not Dead (where have I been???)

Today I have new favorites.... Mandisa, Audrey Assad, and  Britt Nicole to name a few.  But when one of the oldies comes through the radio, I stop and reminisce, and thank God for the gift of those tunes that shaped my teenage years and taught me how to trust and rest and hope in Him.  They still do.

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  1. I so enjoyed your walk down memory lane! I am truly thankful for these amazing people who greatly influenced my life and encouraged me over the years! I had such a wonderful time with you last night! Thank you and Andy for ”treating” me, it was so encouraging and I may be a little sore from all the laughing! :-) It was a blessing! Love u!