Saturday, March 19, 2011


We just wrapped up our annual yard sale... me and that crazy chick above along with a couple other dear friends. It is always exhausting, but well worth the trouble when we tally our profit at the end!
The little chicks had their own table of loot and made themselves a little "chunk of change". They negotiated with this one young man and sold all their silly bandz for a dollar. (I'm sorry you weren't here for the deal.) Suzanne and I quietly lamented over the amount of money that WE put in to purchasing those darn things for them. I was just in a much needed shower trying to recollect at least ten things that I sold today. That was a challenge. I know that I am older and my memory "ain't too good", but I really could not recall even ten. It was a wake up call to the unnecessary stuff that fills this house.
I hope to recall these thoughts the next time I pick up that "household good" at TJMaxx. It will probably end up in the yard sale next year. Who knows, if you come out, it might even be yours...for a steal!


  1. My friends and I used to do a bi-annual 3 day yard sale. It was so much fun but so exhausting!! Whenever I would brag to my husband about how much money I made who would always remind me that we had initially spent much more than that to obtain the stuff in the first place. :0)

  2. Had a blast! Way exhausted though....thought I was close to death last night! Haha! Thanks for sharing your yard with us to sale our wares!