Tuesday, December 31, 2013


On December 27, 2000, these two became sisters.  Rebecca was just 18 months.  I can distinctly remember her kissing Caroline at the hospital and saying, "I wuv you, Tarowine."  It was the beginning of the sweetest friendship.
Caroline has just joined her sister in this new season of "teenagerhood."

They do things now like close the door to one of their rooms and tell secrets.  
Secrets that I don't get to be a part of.

Although they have their momentary scuffles, they really don't like to be at odds with one another and don't waste much time before they apologize and make things right.

They take up for one another and try to convince their daddy 
and I to give grace when the other is in trouble.

They pray for one another, and encourage one another, 
and hug each other when they part ways.

They are invited to the same parties now and have the same friends.

They are goofy and drive us batty in the car with hysterical laughter and loud, obnoxious songs.  They curl up together on one of their beds and watch teeny-bopper movies on the teeny-tiny screen of the iPad. 

Thirteen years ago, God gave us these sisters.  

I'm glad.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Caroline!

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  1. So precious!!! <3 Sisters are such a gift from the Lord!