Saturday, December 7, 2013

On the Mountaintop

 We tootled up the mountain, ate at FlipSide Burgers, 
and checked in to our little lodge in Highlands.

 Our annual "Tree Trip" is a much anticipated, highly enjoyable, family tradition.

The forecast said..."Rain, rain, rain."  But not one drop put a damper on our plans.  (Grateful.)
 How fun to be with our Auburn friends.  

Who knew, three weeks before when we made the plans, that we'd be playing in an SEC Championship on the day of our trip.

So we "scrapped" the 11:00 Highlands Parade and headed to Cashiers to get our trees so we could be back home for the 4:00 Kick Off!

 We had some late night fun playing everyone's fave...Apples to Apples.

In the end, Emie (who just threw down a card each time because she can't yet read) won the game.  Go figure.

 Photo: Emie, "let's do the best pose evar!"
 The kids took a moment to strike a pose in the parking lot 
before we were off to get our trees.

 It was our 15th year climbing that long stretch up Big Ridge Road 
to the Chris Burrell Tree Farm.

 I changed my mind about the tree about 14 times.  
(They all start looking alike...go figure.)

 Maybe this one???

 Mr. Burrell just celebrated his 92nd birthday two days ago.

 The 12 foot Wright tree started out on their car...
 ...and then rolled over to ours.

And then we were off for a quick lunch and to get home for the big game.  
The "blue" mountains were breathtaking.

 The Wrights' tree went up before kick-off...

 ...and we hurried home to get ours up at half-time.

The day ended with sweet victory.... an Auburn SEC Championship win! 

It's fun being on a mountaintop.

War Eagle!

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