Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

 It all started with our annual Christmas Eve-Eve feast of Thai Spice Take Out.  

And then Daddy opened his gift 
with which he found great delight!
 The girls exchanged their gifts to one another 
and then it was off to bed so Santa could come.

 But not before one last gift of new pajamas and boot slippers.

 The girls woke to a few fun surprises...

And then we opened the stockings...our favorite!

 Daddy snuck one last Christmas treat on their beds.

 And Rebecca found the pickle ornament 
for the third year in a row.

 Then it was off to Uncle Duke and Aunt Viki's 
for a scrumptious Christmas Eve feast with family.

 We all enjoyed every bite!

 Then we exchanged some gifts...

 ...and took the annual cousins pic.  

 When we arrived in Birmingham, 
this little chick came running for me and jumped into my arms.  
(Be still my heart.)

On Christmas morning we went to the nursing home to see Granddad Lamb 
and to sing some carols for the residents.
 It was a favorite time of this season.  
Sweet and fun and beautiful all wrapped into one.

 Then we came home for more presents at Nana's.  

I made quilts for a house divided.  War Eagle!
 And then there were more stockings.  

While we waited for lunch everyone curled up with their "devices"...
...much to Nana's dismay.
And later on we had some visitors.  
(Rosie was the life of the party.  That cutie!)
 And the big kids played some games.

 Nana made salad bar for Caroline's birthday (Her favorite!)...

 ... and we all sang "Happy Birthday to You!"

 Joining the crowd, the littlest cousin gravitated to her Uncle Andy.  

 Nana took Caroline for her first French manicure!

And then it was off to have lunch with some long time friends!
So much fun to see all our little ones piled in together.

Then it was off to Steel City Pops (our fave!) 
for Caroline's birthday treat.



 En route home, we got a call from our sweet neighbor 
that our tree had fallen and she had pulled off all the ornaments and propped it up.

When we arrived, the girls and I pulled off the lights and Andy drug it to the road.
 And just like that... Christmas was over.  (But not really.)

The End.

"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
John 10:10

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