Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Spontaneous List of " I Loves"

I love that there are many nights in our home that the TV never gets turned on.
I love that our house is small and we can't ever really get too far from each other.
I love that somebody is usually singing.
I love that my neighbor comes by, knocks on my door, and invites me out to walk our dogs.
I love that the college kids jog past my kitchen window.
I love that my girls like to cook the evening meal with me. 
I love that we like to sit and eat together...and sometimes that's in the breakfast room (when it's not full of fabric!), and sometimes that's in the dining room, and sometimes that's in the living room. 
I love that if we run out of toilet paper, it just takes "two shakes" to run up to the CVS and get some more.
I love that my girls love to laugh with each other... to the point that it gets on my nerves and I tell them to "BE QUIET!"
I love that Rebecca will heat up the tea pot at night and offer to fix a cup for everyone.
I love that we don't typically bicker.
I love that my neighbors across the street leave their lights on late and it "warms up" the street and makes the neighborhood cozy.
I love that Andy always prays with the girls at night even if they've fallen asleep before he gets in there.

Tonight I sit in my home and soak it all up.  His Word reminds me that life is but a breath. (Psalm 39:5) Maybe I could make a list just as long of all the things "I hate."  

It's all about perspective.  

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