Saturday, October 19, 2013

Apple Pickin' 2013

 It's the "How Tall This Fall?"

And the Apple Donuts...

 That keeps us coming back each year.

 We don't always follow the"rules"....

...but ALWAYS have a delightful time!

 This year the trees were still FULL of apples...

 ALL our favorites!

I made the suggestion on the way up the mountain...

 ...that we just hike the mountain and don't pick. 
(We can buy our apples before we leave.) 

 That way we don't have to lug that bucket around.

 Caroline promptly called me an "Apple Snob" 
and said she was picking her own apples...

 "It's called 'apple pickin', Mom!"  she chided.

 So we made the trip ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM for the "Pink Lady's"...

 ... And it was worth the trip.

 Once again it was a glorious day in the orchard with the ones I love the most.

 And I didn't have to carry one apple.

But I did eat one...with homemade caramel dip!  (My fave!)

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