Monday, April 9, 2012

Even the Winter

Our business is very dependent on the weather.  We watch the weather channel so much that I know just about every tune they play during the local forecast.  It's usually the last thing we watch after we climb into bed at night.  

Last night, while watching, the extended forecast "promised" us mild weather throughout the week with no rain in sight.  We both looked at each other and smiled, "It's gonna be a good week."

The song I've attached above is one of my favorites and this youtube video provides some pretty marvelous pictures of God's amazing creation.  The song's sentiment can pertain to many things (Audrey probably meant it most for the "Winter" our marriages often face), but I love how the lyrics so beautifully illustrate the year we have had.
During the winter, God planted the seeds deep in our own personal walks with him and taught us how to be "deep-rooted" in Him regardless of our circumstances.... something we thought we knew until our circumstances became difficult.  

As the Spring arrives and we "blossom and grow", I am thankful that He took the time to take us deep, because I know that is the only way to truly have lasting fruit.

Praise God.  Even the Winter won't last forever.


  1. Amen. Beautifully put, Alisa.

  2. Praise the Lord for spring! For better health for my Samuel, too. :-) so thankful for all!