Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering with a Grateful Heart


#474 Brad Colquitt

#475 Men and women who run into danger to save others

#476 That the events of 9-11 ten years ago still draw emotion today

#477 Watching my girls watch the events of 9-11 (re)unfold on the TV screen... finally at an age where it makes an impression on them.... compassion in their eyes.

#478 A morning on the porch with the music of the birds, frogs, and crickets

#479 The chill in the air

#480 Reminders from You to pray for others needs

#481 A new day to be a kind and gentle mommy

#482 Isabella's delight to read The Boxcar Children for the very first time

#483 Both girls singing different praises to Your Name in different rooms as they get ready for church

#484 Overhearing their kind words to each other in the bathroom

#485 Braiding Caroline's hair

#486 Watching Rebecca babysit the Jordan girls and how she enjoyed them & cared for them in the sweetest way

#487 Bella's comment to Rebecca... "No. You can't leave, because you have all the good ideas."

#488 A "Date Brunch" with Andy

#489 Piddling around the antique store... the time he gave me to really look and enjoy.

#490 Saturday tasks accomplished around the house

#491 Inspiration for homemade Christmas gifts

#492 Grilling out slider burgers, sweet potato fries topped with blue cheese crumbles

#493 Sitting with Andy while reads Your Word and I write my thankfuls

#494 The gift of a husband who reads Your Word

#495 Healing cheek and the story that goes with it.

#496 New adventures with swim team

#497 The privilege of rejoicing in this day... the day that YOU made...and the privilege of being GLAD in it.

#498 The gift of this day in America and this moment ten years ago when all our lives were changed.

#499 Rebecca singing the National Anthem in the shower tonight.

#500 Five hundred reasons to be thankful. Wow.

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