Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Real Star of the Show

On Friday night, Rebecca sang the Star-Spangled Banner at the local football game. She did a beautiful job and her daddy and I were so proud. I tell you what, a silent stadium and your kid with a microphone is enough to make any momma's heart beat out of their chest. After posting on Facebook, many of you asked, "Did you video it?" Are you kidding? It was all I could do to stand calmly and pray through it. It wasn't so much how she did, but how she felt like she did when it was all over. After all, she is in seventh grade.

But she wasn't really the "star of the show." All night I watched her sister take little cheerleaders to the bathroom, run to the concession stand about six times for this that and the other that others needed around her, run her sisters coat to her because she noticed she was cold, happily entertain toddlers, share her chips, praise her sister, love, love, serve, serve.... up and down those stands. That is Caroline...a star content to shine behind the scenes. And that is enough to make a momma's heart swell with pride.

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