Monday, February 18, 2013

The "Gifts" of a Winter Holiday

For a  Winter Weekend Getaway.

For the generous gift of friends to enjoy their beautiful mountain home.

And for the delight that a fresh box of crayons and a plain piece of paper brings.

For crispy, cold hiking on a mountain that goes straight up... all the huffing and puffing and the "worth it" feeling at the top!

For the time for laughter and giggles and silliness.

And for the JOY that little ones bring to the memory making!

For the scrumptious "eat-in" meals... and the way they love to serve.

For the late night "swim" in the freezing temps.

And the relaxing...

...oh the relaxing!

And for the treat of a Wii... when you don't have one at home!

And for the S.N.O.W....

...the piles and piles of snow that fell!  So fun!

(Hot tubbin' in the snow..oh yeah!)

And for time to sew while it falls!

For discoveries on a mountaintop...

... and time to ponder.

For traditions, and waiting, and  a table for eleven!

And for birthdays and teenagers.

 And for the gift of making memories with friends.

(Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Thames!!!)

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