Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Saturday

 September Saturdays bring afternoons of "Girl Time" 'cause Daddy is usually hunting for something to eat...literally. 

Caroline taught me how to put a zipper in.  At one point I did not follow her directions and had to use the seam ripper.  She said, "I tried to tell ya."  And we had a good laugh.

She created her own little pillow from scraps and I thought it was rather cute. 

Rebecca made a little drawstring sack.  It was a mess of scraps and strings and what not in the breakfast room.  I love all the "sewingness" strewn about.

We laughed alot.  
And then they sang and laughed hysterically.  
(Confession:  It really got on my nerves.)

Rebecca made some kind of yummy Giada recipe for dinner... 
Chickpea/Couscous stuffed peppers.  Delish.  

Then we watched Pioneer Woman while we ate dinner and she made these incredible homemade granola bars, so we went to the store and bought the ingredients and came home and made them.  Yum-mo.

Almost done!

I'm STILL working on my hexagon quilt.  (Quilting is a process I love.)  

We bought ribbon today for Mitochondrial Awareness Week.

And we're shining our green light for Samuel.

It was a happy day.

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  1. What a wonderful afternoon. You ad your girls are so talented. Love the quilt.